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Now you can “shoot your own video” and leave the editing, sizzle and magic to us!

It’s easy, fast and affordable!  Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a videographer to come out and shoot a video at your location, you can now do the shooting (of both the video and photos) yourself, and save thousands.

We specialize in taking YOUR videos (taken by you) and turn them into professional “high quality” video productions for the following type of situations:

  • corporate training sessions
  • promotional videos
  • demonstration videos
  • on-location tours and highlights
  • testimonial videos
  • instructional videos
  • and more!

Shoot Your Own Video will let you shoot all your own photos and videos (using a mobile phone, tablet, camcorder, etc.) and then conveniently upload them to us on our website. Once we receive your footage, the rest of the work is up to us.

You can invite and allow anyone to shoot, and then easily upload the photos and videos directly through our website). There’s nothing to download or and nothing to install. Shoot Your Own Video will take all of the photos and videos that you shoot, and provide to us, and we’ll add lots of sizzle and magic as we turn your footage into a top-notch professional and high-quality video production.

Shoot Your Own Video will add all of the necessary special effects, professional intros and outros, professional voice overs (if needed), add lots of nifty transitions from one segment to another, and create a final video that you can put on YouTube, add to your website, email out to your prospective clients and customers, include in PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Upload Your Videos and Photos Now!

If you’re ready to upload your photos and videos, use the upload form on our website. All you’ll need is your Event ID number that’s been assigned to you, for your individual event. (If you don’t know your Event ID, you can contact us or ask your event organizer.)

Arthur Murray Dance Centers

Italian Restaurant - Venice ItalyRegardless where or when your wedding or special event is taking place, our professional and experienced team can take your videos and photos, that were taken and uploaded to us by your guests (or, anyone at your event) and put them together to create the perfect memory of your special day or moment in time.